Arts Project, Modern & Contemporary Art in Tulum.
Connect with contemporary art in a creative space full of magic and mysticism of Tulum Mexico

Since it's foundation in 2019 by Jeronimo C. ALUXIIK GALLERY TULUM has evolved network representing a selection of national and international artists, each with a uniquely modern approach to creation. We promote contemporary optimism and a colorful view of life with ethos of commitment to our community of artists, curators, and supporters. We strive to create unforgettable exhibitions, events, and experiences

Discover the amazing world of the art with Aluxiik Tulum. 



Every month we gather our artists to share and live an afternoon of LIVE PAINTING, creating connections and experiences designed to inspire and transform.


Located on trendy Tulum Mexico, in the heart of Tulum Hotel Zone. A stunning place with magic and mysticism. 

The goblin of contemporary art has already arrived in Tulum and like everything ALUX is full of surprises for those who dare to enter its territory and let themselves be surprised by ALUXIIK TULUM ART GALLERY