The goblin who heals with colors

The goblin who heals with colors

The last November 11 2019, ALUXIIK TULUM ART GALLERY opens its doors to offer locals and foreigners an overview of contemporary artistic practices and processes from Latin America.

ALUXIIK TULUM ART GALLERY allows visitors to connect with different artistic currents and aesthetic tactics; the exhibition must be activated as a cabinet of curiosities where we find works by great masters with a trajectory.

apertura ALUXIIK galleryThe cabinets of curiosities or chambers of wonders were born at the beginning of the 16th century and are considered the antecedent of the modern museum, they were spaces where Europeans exhibited minerals, naturalistic engravings, curious objects, textiles and treasures looted from the subdued colonies.

Curator Ignacio Prado seeks to reproduce a Wunderkammer where the celestial maps of Gustavo Pérez, the plans of the geological displacements of Pavel Mora, the cartographies of the agronomic devastation of Jaime Colin share with a wooden sculpture carved on a trunk that the Pacific Ocean left off the coast of Guerrero by Enrique Rosas; the surreal and erotic photographs of Bernardo Aja talk with the architectural tropophotography of Cristian Ramo; the psychoanalytic canvases of Alex Lazard are twinned with the poetic exercises of the master Carlos Gacía de la Nuez; the naturalistic spirit of Esteban Fuentes de María teje Networks with the embroidered works of Carlos Santos, Nacho Chincoya's narrative painting confronts the modular and symmetrical patterns of the famous John Thompson; the underwater statements of Crista Klinckwort and the mineral explorations of Cisco Jimenez serve as a point of support for the birds of Francisca Rodillo and the children of Andrés Alarcón to play.

aluxiik gallery tulum

Upon entering Aluxiik we are welcomed by the alchemical creations of Thierry Jeannot who transforms PET into luxury objects worthy of the court of Louis XVII such as chandeliers or lattices, we are accompanied during the tour by the elegant and sharp sculptures of David Troice and the surreal assemblies of Pedro Frideberg aluxes contemporary of the Mexican Caribbean.

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