Since he was a child, he developed the craft of drawing and more recently engraving and painting.
Antonio began his career as a political cartoonist. He moved to Mexico City and worked alongside Rafel Pineda, Rapé, his teacher.
He published works in the political satire magazine "El Chamuco y los hijos del Averno", sharing pages with the masters RIUS, Hernández, Helguera, Patricio, El Fisgón, Darío, Boligán and Rapé himself. He drew for Aristegui Noticias and other media in Mexico.
Luis Antonio studied in the open workshops of La Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda" (CDMX).

When he arrived in the Mexican Caribbean he decided to expand her work to landscapes and nature portraits. Is currently exploring and developing the capabilities and nobility of engraving and painting and nobility of engraving and oil painting.
The political activism that he found in political cartoons, he now finds in volunteer work in associations that work with children. 

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